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Power Quality Improvement

Right now we are in the process of developing a solution for Automated Power Quality Improvement. A research paper has been accepted at ICIA2005, Colombo, Sri Lanka organized by IEEE Sri Lanka. This paper is in fact my first research paper under the supervision of senior professors listed below.
The authors include

Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan
(Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
Dr. Majid Al-Dabbagh
(Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
Dr. Noor Sheikh
(Dean Electrical Engineering Department, UET Lahore)
Saqib Haroon
(UET Lahore)
Waqar Qureshi (ME)
(National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Rawalpindi, Pakistan).

This first paper develops a theoretical and simulations based model for dynamic load balancing, power quality improvement and neutral conductor current reduction based upon Digital Signal Processing and Control Systems Techniques.
Next phase of our work is focused on performance of proposed solution in real world and development of stand-alone application. We are also working with Ittehad Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd for energy audit / power savings which involves the application of same approach as presented in the paper.

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