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Dialogue Between an Indian and a Pakistani

Dialogue Between an Indian and a Pakistani 

It was a discussion on an article about statement of an Indian Official on Insider's Job during Mumbai Attacks.

Me: Dear Democratic, tolerant, secular India with utmost freedom of expression, thanks for deleting my comment. :) Here it is again for the kind review of all fellow Indians. A country where religious extremists and fundamentalists can attain political majority from their nation while preaching a religion which divides its own followers in to 4 classes and then mistreats them respectively, how can you expect it to be justified in all its dealings and acts? 

Shall I remind the ethnic origins of all those who died in Parliament attack? Shall I mention the cases Hemant Karkare was investigating who was killed in Mumbai attacks? No Pakistani of even moderate beliefs will ever say Bhagwan in any circumstances and you are talking about a Fundamentalist, Pakistani, Jehadi saying it? Do we need to remind Maligaon, Samjotha express incidents? 

Shining India is fast turning into a joke because of its lust for draconian laws and its ever increasing obsession about Pakistan. And now when we Pakistanis question those incidents on which our relations are based, they say lets burry the past? Pakistan is a sheep compared to the size of the wolf India. What could have Pakistan achieved by an attack on Parliament House and Mumbai? Pakistan lost a lot in these episodes, gained nothing, neither could it gain anything out of such lame acts. 

Indian people need to demand an independent and fair inquiry into reality of these incidents for the peaceful future of their own generations. We Pakistanis can only highlight and show our concerns but at the end of the day, it would be peaceful Indians who love humanity themselves will have to raise their voice for their own safety. Regards

Indian Reply: Isn't this strange, coming from a Islamic Republic, who talk about Godhra, Malegaon Riots on one hand and on the other hand support active militancy in the Kashmir valley, On One hand sign the Lahore agreement on the other hand you send your army into Kargil, I think its in your country where the population of Hindus and other Minorities has shown a dramatic decline since Independence ,yet you want to show your rational and balanced side, On one hand support the Kashmir cause and consider it a freedom struggle, on the other hand you are consider the Balochistanis as terrorists, About the 4 classes that you mentioned, in India the Scheduled classes get reservations and jobs, can you give that to Shias and Ahmadis or Christians and Hindus in Pakistan? That is a joke! We never ask you to bury the past, because your country was created in our past. We do not want any relations with your country - good or bad. You mentioned about a lust for draconian laws, look at your democracy that is a joke flirting with your martial law. As far as a fair inquiry is involved, don't worry our country is a true democracy where people like Mr. Varma are given a right to file a affidavit in the Supreme Court to question the credentials of a known Terrorist who belongs to Dipalpur at Okara in Pakistan, where your media actually went and found out "Hey - Its one of Ours", and today you can peacefully lay a claim to the contrary, this is the power of a democratic constitution. So don't worry about Shining India turning into a joke, just enjoy your visit to this website, till this joke continues and the truth is established, you have fun. We know how to deal with our problems and do not want any Americans or Pakistanis to tell us what to do. Please get out and get a life, We do not require your concerns for humanity and see its you who is obsessed about India and not us. NO REGARDS

My Reply:
1. Was it an Indian Prime Minister who promised a plebiscite in Kashmir while standing in United Nations? All your rant about equating Balochistan and Kashmir stands null and void. 

2. Many muslims decided not to leave India because they did not believe in 2 nation theory. They rather believed in so called "Secularism" of India and hence are suffering today as a result. This is why Muslims are still in great number as a minority but Hindus left Pakistan because Hindus always feel happy being a majority. 

3. As an example do some research on percentage of Muslims in India and percentage of jobs they get. It will negate your false claims about fairness of system. 

4. In Pakistan no extremist religious party has ever been able to get majority at national level but in India BJP did it several times. Speaks volumes about which country's nation is religiously fanatic and which one is tolerant. 

5. A series of incidents is in front of us in which India first blamed Pakistan and later on found out its own extremists behind them 

6. You miserably failed to logically defy my argument that a religion which divides its own followers into 5 classes as a matter of birth, it can never give justice to others. 

7. Shining India is shining only in Bollywood movies, the real India is facing protest from nakxx women in front of their "Soorma Jawans" to rxxe them. 

8. Please get rid of myths, face the reality, accept Pakistan open heartedly, we are friends of friends and enemies of enemies. Our people need to live in peace. Please stop blaming Pakistan for everything in India. 

 An Indian can never pay regards to Pakistanis but I am still paying regards to whole India with love and a request to please ask your government to stop being obsessed about Pakistan and improve things in their homeland and live in harmony with their neighbours. Please do not forget, we can change our friends but not our neighbours.

The discussion took place on the below mentioned article;

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