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Answer to NFP's Anatomy of an apologist

Answer to Anatomy of An Apologist by Nadeem F. Paracha
Terrorist: We killed children in Peshawar.
Apologist: It was a reaction.
Desi Liberal: Islam taught them to kill people.
Terrorist: Yes Islam teaches us to kill kids.
Apologist: If you kill their kids, they will kill yours too.
Desi Liberal: We must make Pakistan secular.
Terrorist: No, my sharia which allows killing of kids should be rule of the land in Pakistan.
Apologist: Well, its american conspiracy. No Muslim can kill kids.
Desi Liberal: Only a Muslim under the effects of Islam can kill kids. The person responsible for Holocaust was a Muslim. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also nuked by Muslims. You see Islam is the root cause of all problems
Terrorist: No my version of Islam is solution of all problems. My Islam says that whoever does not follow my school of thought is a Kafir and should be killed.
Apologist: Terrorists are our strength. We must be friends with them. They are our asset.
Desi Liberal: We must carpet bomb whole FATA, KPK and all mosques or madaris in Pakistan to end this menace of terrorism.
Terrorist: Do not dare to touch my mosques or madaris. They are holy and our Ulema are holy cows.
Apologist: Well, you should not insult an Aalim even if he justifies terrorism, killings of innocent. If you do, then reaction is obvious.
Desi Liberal: We must use brute force to kill these terrorists. There is no other solution.
An Ordinary Pakistani listening to these three for quite some time, stands up and shouts: Shut up all of you!
First he points at the terrorist: You are anything but a Muslim. You misuse, disgrace and insult the name of Islam. You are worse than an animal. My religion does not allow killings of kids even if their parents killed my kids. This is my religion which I am proud of. And I standby with any action deemed fit by my state and army to get rid of animals like you!!
Next he looks at the apologist: You are a hypocrite. You provide justifications for killings and terrorism. You give them excuses. Despite being from a religious party, you fail to say openly that killings of the innocent are not allowed in Islam even during War. You pretend to be a Thaykedar of Islam but actually you are a hypocrite and double faced coward.
Finally he turns to Desi Liberal: You pretend to oppose terrorism and terrorists. But actually you oppose Islam. No matter what happens for whatever reasons, your first effort is at making Pakistan secular and blaming the religion. There is a striking similarity in yours and terrorists' motives. You both want to defame and discredit Islam. You use your pen to do that and he uses his gun to do so. End result is same.
Now listen to me carefully;
1. Literacy rate of Pakistan is not more than 56% if the standard of being educated is the ability to write their names.
2. More than 50% of our population is young and under 30.
3. 60% of our population lives below poverty line.
4. More than half of the kids in school going age are unable to go to schools.
5. More than one fourth of those getting educated do so in Madaris and Mosques and their minds are polluted right in their childhood.
6. Our rulers are corrupt to the core, unjust in their souls, coward in their hearts and lack wisdom. 
7. I do not object on use of force against terrorists. But all I say is that use of force is NOT the solution alone. My heart truly pains at what has happened in my homeland in past decade. I want to see terrorists being punished. When I see them being hanged, it gives me SOME relief.
8. But what I want is to use the anger generated against terrorism in eliminating the roots of terrorism. I want the mosques and madaris to be under state control. I want the corrupt leadership to go home whether from PML-N, PPP, MQM or PTI or any other party. I want them to be accountable. I want those narratives to be eliminated which are used as excuses to pollute young, uneducated and poor people of Pakistan and which turn them into animals. I want my army and my government to make sure that they do not intentionally or unintentionally strengthen the narratives of terrorists. I want my police to be depoliticized. I want it to be independent. I want it to be agile. I want that the duty of police not to be given to army in longer run. I want local governments, I want transparency, I want literacy, I want health facilities. I do not want metros and motorways at the cost of above mentioned basic necessities. Do you understand Mr. Self Proclaimed Liberal / Secular Scholar?
In short:
You want to eliminate TERRORISTS and I want to eliminate TERRORISM :)

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