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My 2 Cents on Anti-Terrorism Policy

We mostly keep on criticizing everyone. Or we keep on spreading rhetoric without even understanding what are we saying. I am going to try sincerely to give my 2 cents at "what should be the policy to tackle terrorism".

1. Round the clock monitoring of sensitive areas using a very cheap option of floating balloons in air at high altitudes with cameras / thermal imagers installed in them. Cameras and balloons should be co-ordinated with GPS system in real time. 

2. Rapid action security force with provision of helicopters / speedy vehicles to reach anywhere within their defined range on information from surveillance teams.

3. Above two steps will not take more than 2 months to implement if done sincerely.

4. Secret courts with secret judges to hear and decide the cases of terrorism.It will ensure speedy justice without any pressure on judges. Ideally 2 judges from civilian background and 1 from military would do the job. A right of review must be provided in which 2 randmoly and secretly selected judges from any high court or supreme court along with a senior military officer should hear the appeals and decide the case. The maximum time for all this should not be more than 60 days.

5. Engage in dialogue with all those who want to and convince them to come in mainstream. Use attacking diplomacy all over the world to stop US from drone strikes. Remember your wife will not respect you if you get beaten by everyone outside your home and demand respect at home.

Above mentioned points were immediate or short term measures. Now coming to long term measures;

1. No Imam of Mosques to be appointed except by government itself after the exams on the pattern of CSS and ISSB etc.

2. No Madrissah to teach anything which encourages hatred or differences among Muslims.

3. Uniform and in line with national interests curriculum at first stage in all schools and all schools to follow same pattern of teaching in 2nd stage thus ensure uniform and free education at all levels.

4. Immediate revamping of Police on the pattern of 1122 or Motorway police of 1990s.

5. Immediate legislation and corrective measures in judiciary system to ensure speedy justice. Make whole system online with automated warning issuance to judges in case of delays.

6. Truly empowered local bodies so that problems of people may be solved by people themselves.

Any differences / disagreements with reasoning will be strongly welcomed.

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